HealthyDrones Free Trial Offer FAQ

What is this offer about?

We partnered with our friends at to offer all Litchi pilots a free one month trial for the HD 360 Gold subscription.
With the HD 360 Gold subscription, you will get all the standard HealthyDrones features plus:

  • Battery & Drone Management
  • Battery Trends
  • Wind Calculation Reports
  • Download Original Log Data
  • Maintenance and more...
Please note, this offer is only available to new HealthyDrones customers.

How do I start the free trial?

  1. If you haven't already done so, register an HealthyDrones account at
  2. In your HealthyDrones account settings, navigate to the "Auto Upload Token" tab where you will find your "User Token".
  3. Make sure you are using Litchi version 1.7.0 (iOS) or 3.4.0 (Android), or a higher version (you can check the Litchi version in the general settings).
  4. In the Litchi app's settings, enter your HealthyDrones "User Token".
  5. If you are eligible for a free trial and provided you are connected to Internet, you will be prompted to start the trial automatically.
If you already entered your HealthyDrones "User Token" in Litchi's settings previously, you will be prompted to start the free trial if you are connected to Internet after the app starts.