How to install Litchi on DJI monitors

Litchi is available on the Amazon app store for devices which do not support google services. This include devices from brands like Huawei as well as DJI monitors.

Compatible DJI Monitors
  1. On your DJI monitor (or other mobile device), open this web page ( and tap here to install the Amazon Appstore

    Responsive image

  2. Login to your Amazon account in the Amazon Appstore app you just installed

    Responsive image

  3. Tap here to download Litchi. Please note that you can only have one version of Litchi installed at once; you cannot have Litchi from Google's Play Store installed on the same device as Litchi from Amazon's Appstore.

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  4. *Only for Smart Controller* For the record/shutter/5d buttons to work, enable the chinese setting in the Smart Controller Settings -> DJI Lab section. You may need to restart Litchi for the setting to be taken into account.

    Responsive image

  5. *Only for CrystalSky devices* By default, Litchi's in-app warning messages are disabled on CrystalSky monitors, so make sure to enable them by going into your CrystalSky 'Settings -> Apps -> Swipe left to see All apps -> Litchi', then check 'Show notifications'

  6. You're now ready to use Litchi on your DJI monitor! For the best experience, it is recommended (required for RC Pro) to force stop the DJI Fly/Go app before starting Litchi. To force stop DJI Fly/Go, go to the device Settings - Apps - DJI Fly/Go - Force Stop

  7. *Optional* If you wish to use Google Maps as your map engine (not supported for RC Pro), there are a few extra steps:
    1. Install the Google Play Services APK (download here for the Smart Controller OR here for CrystalSky/Phantom4)
    2. Install the Google Play Store APK (download here for the Smart Controller OR here for CrystalSky/Phantom4)
    3. Change the "Map Engine" to Google Maps in Litchi's settings
    4. At times, you may encounter play store error popups. You can stop them by going into your DJI monitor 'Settings -> Apps -> Swipe left to see All apps -> Google Play Services', then tap 'Force Stop'

  8. *Optional* To improve the sound quality of the voices in Litchi, install the Google Text to Speech APK (download here for the Smart Controller/RC Pro OR here for CrystalSky/Phantom4)