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    Unlock the full potential of your
    DJI drone with Litchi

    With over 5000 successful daily flights,
    Litchi is the most trusted autonomous
    flight app for your DJI drone

    Also available on Amazon for DJI monitors
    (RC Pro and Smart Controller)

Plan waypoint missions anywhere

Whether you are a professional or beginner, Litchi offers the most intuitive yet powerful waypoint mission engine. Our mission planner is available on all platforms including PC/Mac with seamless mission syncing across all your devices.

Focus on what matters

Like getting that perfect shot. In Focus mode, Litchi assists you by taking control of both the gimbal and the drone's yaw axis, so you can concentrate on horizontal movements.
The result? Amazing shots. Everytime.

Immerse yourself into a new world

By harnessing the power of your mobile phone, the Virtual Reality mode brings you the most immersive FPV experience. Watch your autonomous mission in VR mode, or fly manually for added thrills.
Requires goggles sold separately.

Tracking anything is just one touch away

With Litchi's Track mode, your DJI drone now understands what it sees.
Using state-of-the-art computer vision algorithms, Litchi keeps your selection perfectly framed while you fly the drone. Don't want to fly manually? That's ok too, start an autonomous Orbit or Follow and watch Litchi take care of everything.

Panorama, Orbit, Follow and more

Each flight mode is engineered to provide best in class results. And for added peace of mind, Litchi creates readable flight logs for each and every flight and automatically uploads them to your Airdata UAV account for instant post-flight analysis.


Curious about what others are creating? Join thousands of Litchi pilots on the Mission Hub and explore and view missions from all over the world.